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the coronavirus
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Dear Sir/Madam,


Now the whole world is on the point of the international crisis due to the coronavirus spreaded so vastly everywhere. We are expecting the sales drop in the coming 2-6 months. The world economy is fighting and trying to stimulate demand somehow. For this purpose all the businesses are trying to avoid broken supply chains and survive somehow.


China has fortunately almost recovered from the worst part of the virus and is more or less back to work. When the peak of the virus was in  China  all of you  were patiently waiting for our  company to resume operation and  release the orders regardless the delay in production. We sincerely thank you all of you .


We trust that the pandemia will be over sooner or later and the life will be normal again and people will resume purchasing equipment, electric and mechanical parts soon. But now there are some interruptions in this process.


And in this difficult situation we have to help each other. WeHo would not stop our cooperationa and supplies and also WeHo get ready for the global sales to revive.We will arrange the production to keep our stock . We will reduce our deposit proportion to 20% to reduce your financial pressure for preparing  all new orders.


 We trust you  and not delay shipments,   in the future we will have the goods for your clients after  you  resume from the virus, and you will have the money and  trust you  will be able to place more orders with us  on a regular basis.


we hereby confrim   that  all  orders are in our  high attention .


Thanks for your kind cooperation over the years and our cooperation as well as support your business will continue  now and beyond.

Live long and Prosper .




"Weho Electric allows us to do our jobs better. Without it, we couldn't keep up!"

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