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  • LED switching power supply soft start protection circuit
    Jun 13, 2016LED switching power supply soft start protection circuit

    Switching power supply circuit is rather complicated, switching regulator generally take the input of a small inductor, the input filter capacitor. Moment in the boot, filter capacitor will flow a lot of surge current, the surge current can be several tim

  • MUNICH INTERSOLAR EURO 2016/BOOTH NO.:A1.131H/DATE:22/06/2016~24/06/2016
    Mar 11, 2016MUNICH INTERSOLAR EURO 2016/BOOTH NO.:A1.131H/DATE:22/06/2016~24/06/2016

    BOOTH NO.:A1.131H


  • The effect of inductance switch power supply
    Jun 25, 2016The effect of inductance switch power supply

    The inductor is commonly used as switching elements in the power supply, due to its current,voltage phase difference, so the loss is zero. Inductance is the energy storage component, often with the capacitor together with in the input filter and output fi

    Jun 25, 2014GOOD LUCK

    Our switching power supplies, featuring low prices, stable performance, safety and reliability, long lifespan and other characteristics, are widely used in industrial automation field, indoor and outdoor LED lighting, LED lighting engineering, communicati

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