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LED switching power supply soft start protection circuit
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Switching power supply circuit is rather complicated, switching regulator generally take the input of a small inductor, the input filter capacitor. Moment in the boot, filter capacitor will flow a lot of surge current, the surge current can be several times the normal input current. Such a large surge current may make contact melting general power switch or relay contacts, and the input fuse. In addition, the capacitor surge current will damage, to shorten the life span, premature damage. To this end, the boot should be access to a current limiting resistor, to charge the capacitor through the current limiting resistor. In order not to make the current limiting resistor excessive power consumption, thus affecting the normal switching regulator, and the transient process in the boot after the end, with a relay automatic short connected to it, to DC power supply directly to the switching regulator power supply, the circuit called LED DC switch power source "soft start" circuit.

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